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Hey! I'm Mike Grossberg. 


Anyone who knows me would undoubtedly agree that the one thing that defines me is my passion for everything I do.  Whether it’s hiking in nature, cooking a gourmet meal, or photographing one of life’s precious moments, I invest all of my energy, focus and attention.


I started learning about photography in the early 90s and began seeing the world through light and lens.  After many years of shooting for fun, that passion evolved into Spirited Images Photography.  To me, photography should capture the essence of the living spirit that lies within every moment.  This is my intention, whether I’m shooting a wedding, a family portrait, or a beautiful baby.


My photo-journalistic style is a mixture of posed and candid shots, which capture the moment with all its feelings and emotions. I like high contrast and bright warm-colored images. I like to experiment with fun and unique angles/perspectives. Then, once the images are taken, I look for the authentic feeling that is present within each image. I don’t quit until I match the feeling of the photo with its appropriate style, whether that means black and white, sepia-toned, soft and romantic, or hard and edgy. 


From the wonderful free spirit of children playing, to the beautiful mother-to-be, to that exciting moment of your wedding day, I love capturing it all and I feel very honored to be a part of those intimate moments of your life. For me, being a photographer is not just about taking pictures, it’s about building lasting relationships, getting to know you and capturing the true spirit of who you and your loved ones really are.


My loving spirit and easy-going personality, combined with my artistic eye, and edgy style create the recipe for the unique portraiture found at Spirited Images.

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