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Find an old picture of grandpa fishing, or of your parents’ wedding? We all have those hidden treasured images that pop up from time to time.  How would you like all of those stains, dust, scratches, tears, and sun spots, removed, the image enlarged and possibly framed and hanging on your wall? There are many avenues available to take in achieving a great restoration. Call for a quote and guidance on making this happen for you. 

Restoration for Anna.jpg


Got blemishes, scars, freckles, eye glass glare, braces, tan lines that you just wish weren’t in your photos? We are happy to remove them for you.  Although basic retouching is included with every print or product you purchase from us, there are many custom options that are also available if you desire. So whether the image was taken by us or not, professional retouching services are available.



So you’ve had your photo session and have narrowed your images down to your favorites, only problem is you love so many of them it’s just too hard to decide on 2 or 3.  A storybook album is a great addition or alternative to prints and wall portraits.  Not only will you have a great keepsake that tells the story of your captured moments, but now you have a beautiful coffee table book sitting in your living room that gets picked up and viewed by everyone that stops by.  


Didn’t have your images photographed by Spirited Images Photography? No worries, just send us your images and we will design and print your album for you.  Call for details. 


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